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Did you know? A lender can revoke your approval even after you have a legally binding contract in place, leaving you in financial and legal trouble. Here’s how to avoid this from happening to you:

It takes time and effort to get everything in order to purchase a property (see my step-by-step guide here). Starting with getting your documents to your lender for approval, answering their questions, waiting on credit checks (and sometimes finding a "surprise" that...

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Do you think the government will actually put all $30m into affordable housing as promised? More than 5,000 properties out of 8,500 deemed “vacant” by city staff received exemptions.

Vancouver’s tax on empty homes will bring in $30-million of revenue in its first year, but that will come from only a tiny proportion of homeowners. More than 5,000 properties out of 8,500 deemed vacant by city staff received exemptions under rules of the new tax...

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Home Staging, is it worth it?

Proper staging makes a home feel spacious, tasteful, and inviting to the broadest range of buyers. Magic happens behind the scenes when a home is well styled! Before & After:  Simplify and brighten the living room with lighter paint and furniture, expose the...

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