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Securing your shed or apartment storage locker: 2018 Review of the best locks on the market

Best Padlocks: Not All Locks Are Created Equal

You walk to your shed or storgae locker and notice that something seems off. Your padlock is on the ground and the door is open. Suddenly it hits you: someone has broken in. Your privacy has been violated and you feel unsafe. This isn’t your fault at all. However, you can find a better padlock to keep your belongings safe. Whether you’re trying to secure a shed, garage, gate, or something else, padlocks have different features to take into consideration. It’s important that you learn about the elements of padlocks so you are choosing one with the proper security measures you want. We will go over these different features below.

Best High Security Padlocks Comparison Table

As you learned in the video above, there are some features that are more important than others, so keep the 5 items we listed above (lock size, material, key size, anti-drill plate, and shoulder shroud) in mind while looking at this table.

What You Should Consider

Before choosing a padlock, there are some elements you’ll want to consider:

  • Lock size: The bigger the better
  • Material: Alloy steel and carbide are best
  • Key size: Check the number of pins the key has (more pins means more security)
  • Anti-drill plate: A hardened plate can deflect a drill bit from breaking through
  • Shoulder shroud: Thicker and larger means more protection

Source: This excellent article was Written by Kimberley Alt for and original seen here.