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Shopping for a Home

When you start home-shopping, be sure to return to your written “wish list” so that when you compare properties, you are not being swayed by the superficial ie. staging. Hold tight to you priorities, but remain open-minded for small adjustments to your list. By taking an objective approach to  selecting a property, you will find a home that fits your wants and needs for now and into the future.

Searching for a Home

As your Buyer’s agent, I will create a custom website for you which draws directly from the Realtor® MLS database.  On tis website you will have access to listed properties that are tailored to your needs.  This will save you considerable time. Once you mark your favorites and reject the ones that are not suitable, I will  setup appointments to view these homes. If you find any other properties along the way, be sure to let me know. I have access to more information than is readily available on and we can discuss these other homes and their suitability

Is This Home a Contender?

During our property tour, or at an open house, it’s critical that you make notes about each home that is a serious contender so that later you can remember all of the details about a property. Please ask if you can take a video or photos during your visit.

Top considerations for determining suitability and an offer price:


  • Structural – Uneven floors, outside visible sinking and large cracks may indicate an issue.
  • Overall Condition – Look at the siding, roof, gutters, paint, chimneys, windows, decks and patios. Repairs on these items can be pricey.


  • Mechanical Systems – Find out the age of the heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Consider if you will have to update any of these systems.
  • Size  – Is this home too large? Will rooms remain empty and require cleaning? Is this home too small? Will it fit an expanding family? Is there adequate storage for bikes, kayaks, suitcases, Christmas ornaments?
  • Condition – What is the condition of the bathroom(s) and kitchen(s)? What is under the carpet? Gleaming hardwood or planks? Is there enough natural light?
  • Energy Efficiency – Is the home insulated throughout? Are the windows are single or double paned? This will affect your monthly maintenance costs.
  • Basement / Drainage – Check for leaks, cracks, efflorescence, water stains and mold in the parkade or basement. What type of drainage does the home have?  Old clay tiles or updated pipes? When was this done and who did the work?
  • Water Pressure – Check the pressure. Turn on a tap.
  • Pests – Do the Sellers have pets? Are there pet stains? What about insects, rodents or raccoons? Look for evidence and ask questions.


  • Overall Vibe – Look at the condition of the surrounding houses in the area. Is this an area of new construction or disrepair? Who are the neighbours and are they throwing parties into the wee hours of the morning, or are they young families? Consider proximity to schools, community centres, shopping and other amenities.
  • Zoning – Ask your Realtor about the zoning for the property. Are there any restrictive covenants or easements? Is the zoning in this area changing?